Engineering Director ISO9223 API

Engineering Director ISO9223 API


ISO9223 is an atmospheric standard that governs the rate of corrosion for above ground steel, copper, zinc, or aluminum structures. ISO9223 uses four input variables to determine the rate of corrosion: annual mean temperature, relative humidity, annual sulfate deposition, and annual chloride deposition. The reader is referred to the standard for further information. 

As of May 1 2022, this API currently only supports queries with substrate of Iron/Steel (Fe) 

Location Query (Latitude & Longitude)

This API takes a latitude + longitude and returns the ISO9223 Classification at that location, with additional metadata.
  1. URL: /partner/iso9223/query
  2. Method: GET
  3. Parameters:
    1. substrate (REQUIRED)
    2. latitude (REQUIRED)
    3. longitude (REQUIRED)
  1. curl "" -H "Authorization: Bearer KEY"
  2. {
  3.   "iso9223": {
  4.     "category": "C2",
  5.     "category_half": "C2.5"
  6.   }
  7. }